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No Sugar! That’s sweet

We believe that eating candy and snacks are fine with a healthy lifestyle. When done responsibly.That is where Food2Smile helps you. Damn tasty candy, chips, snacks and chocolate that you can enjoy guilt-free. In the mood for something good?

Our Story
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As a nutritionist, Miriam Bouwens has been able to help many overweight and obese children. For years she has been teaching families how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Everyone knows that an apple or a carrot is the healthiest snack around. However, for most children and adults, eating an apple or a carrot simply doesn’t feel like an indulgent treat. Miriam went on a mission to seek out more sensible types of snacks, sugar- free candy, healthier chips and sugar-free chocolate, but none of the products she found met her criteria. So she took matters into her own hands and in 2015 Food2Smile was born. Read more about our story and how Food2Smile contributes to a better world with delicious, healthier treats. 


We have a wide variety of sugar-free goodies. From delicious sweets, to crispy popped chips, energy boosting snacks and heavenly chocolate. Discover more about all these goodies!  


We believe that eating candy and snacks are fine with a healthy lifestyle. But done responsibly and still very delicious. We show that responsible and tasty go very well together. But you can expect more from us. Then what? We want you to smile when you taste our goodies. What else will have you beaming? Sugar-free candy, sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free chips and sugar-free snacks, in short: all our products are sugar free. In addition, 90% of our assortment is vegan, gluten free and lactose free. And to top it all off: we use no pork gelatine. Thanks to this, our products are suitable for vegans as well as those who may be looking for vegan or halal candy. We also use natural colourings and flavourings extracted from vegetables, fruit and herbs. As for our chips: they contain up to 60% less fat than fried chips and are a great source of protein. These are our promises to you. Our products are delicious and healthier and will have you smiling from ear to ear! 



Honestly … It puts a smile on your face! 


Really delicious, healthier stuffKnow what you eat, snack healthilyHighly recommended! 


Fantastic that our daughter who follows a low-carb diet can have an occasional treat thanks to you.



Food2Smile is growing. More and more places are selling our products. In the Netherlands and worldwide. From our sugar-free candy, healthier snacks, sugar-free chocolate to our gluten-free chips that are a source of protein. Also want to sell our products? Get touch with us at 

Sharing partner Stichting Jarige Job

We have joined forces with Jarige Job Foundation (Stichting Jarige Job). Jarige Job believes that every child deserves a party on their birthday and we want every child to celebrate with healthier treats. Every birthday box now contains sugar-free candy from Food2Smile. Thanks to our collaboration with Jarige Job Foundation, we– and you, when you buy our products– contribute to a healthier birthday with a sugar-free treat. Put a smile on someone’s face. How? Read more here.