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I have a dream


As a nutritionist, I have been able to help many overweight and obese children. For years I have been teaching families how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Very often this is more a matter of rethinking approaches than being restrictive. The occasional treat is fine once it is combined with sufficient exercise and a healthy food and drink intake. It’s all about choosing candy that is healthier, but still delicious.

Apples and carrots are the healthiest snack around, but most children don’t consider them as special treats. In my search for delicious, healthier candy I came across countless numbers of products, but none of them met my criteria. I didn’t want the candy to have added sugars, nor did I want sugars replaced by aspartame or other red E numbers. Furthermore, I wanted the candy to be available to everyone and so it also needed to be vegan and gluten free. There was simply no other product out there that I could recommend to my clients with a clear conscience. I knew I had to do something. And so Food2Smile was born: candy, cookies and chips for everyone opting for delicious, healthier treats. Taste for yourself and see if you can you guess why we are called Food2Smile?


We believe that treats and snacks can easily be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Our job is to give you a helping hand so that you can enjoy our candy and chips with a healthy conscience. Food2Smile is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice tastiness when enjoying healthier snacks. Let our products put a real smile on your face!


Our products are made with the belief that sugar-free products can be just as delicious as regular products. In fact, many of our candies and snacks are entirely sugar free, vegan or gluten free.  As none of our products contain added sugars or red E numbers, they are deliciously healthier. We are continually working on producing the tastiest candies and snacks so that there is more and more choice available to you.