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All Food2Smile’s products are sugar free. We have sugar-free sweets, sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free chips and sugar-free snacks. And that’s not all. More than 90% of our selection is also vegan, gluten free and lactose free. Our guilt-free chips are a source of protein and contain up to 60% less fat than fried chips. Read more about our promises below.

Our brand is currently at the forefront when it comes to combining all of these positive characteristics and we are determined to stay ahead. That is why we are continuously developing our recipes and experimenting with new sweeteners.


Our first and foremost promise is that our products are sugar free. We do not add any refined sugars. Yet our sugar-free sweets, sugar-free chocolate, sugar-free biscuits and bars taste nice and sweet. This is because enjoying a snack is supposed to be a delicious, feel-good moment. What’s our secret?

  • We add nothing. The sweet taste is entirely due to the fruit in the product. 
  • We use sweeteners, but never red E-numbers such as aspartame.
    We currently use stevia, isomalt and maltitol.  

All your questions about sugar and sweeteners can be found in the book Suiker op de Korrel. 

Sugar-free products


Nowadays there is increasing demand for gluten-free candy. Food2Smile offers a wide range of gluten-free products for people of all ages. Glutens are proteins found in many grains and, when digested, can cause reactions in some people such as stomach cramps, diarrhoea or constipation. Sometimes young children are affected by an allergy to gluten but they grow out of this as they get older. If you have a celiac or autoimmune disease, this is a lifelong condition and you will have to avoid grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, oats and barley. Gluten-free grains include buckwheat, quinoa, rice and teff. Our fruit & fibre muesli bar is made with millet and is gluten free.

Gluten-free products


With the exception of our marshmallows and products made with chocolate, everything else is vegan, including our vegan gummy candies. You’ll also find vegan liquorice and vegan chips. What you won’t find is gelatine. Our products are perfect for shoppers looking for vegan, halal and kosher candy. Make sure to always pay close attention to the list of ingredients to ensure it complies with your vegan dietary requirements. The list of ingredients can be found the packaging.

Vegan products

Gelatine FREE

In order to  be able to keep feeding the entire world population, we will all need to eat more plant-based and less animal-based foods. Gelatine is made from animal bones, usually from pigs. In order to use fewer animal nutrients we have replaced gelatine with pectin, a fruit product i.e. plant-based. This is why our sugar-free candies are perfectly suited for vegans as well as those looking for halal and kosher candy. With the exception of our marshmallows, all our candy is gelatine free. In the academy you can read about how we are working on making this product gelatine free too. 

Gelatine free products


Lactose is a milk sugar. If you have are lactose intolerant or have a lactose allergy, you will not be able to digest the lactase enzyme. As you might have guessed, milk chocolate contains milk. That is why there are 2 items that do not belong to this group: the milk chocolate bars and the Chocosmiles. You can happily enjoy all the other products, including the lactose-free pure chocolate bar.

Lactose free products


We never add refined sugars and this is our absolute promise. Sugar will never appear in our list of ingredients. In the nutritional value for carbohydrates, however, you may come across the expression ‘of which sugars’. This refers to sugars that naturally occur in one or more of the ingredients. For example: fruit contains fruit sugars. Our Raisin Cookie contains raisins and cranberries which contain naturally occurring sugars found in the nutritional table. Again, we never add sugar, however naturally occurring sugars found in fruit are a different story. 

No added sugars
popped chips


Protein or proteins are amino acids and are the body’s building blocks. Carbohydrates are our fuel and proteins give us healthy muscles and bones. Protein can be found in meat, fish, poultry, nuts, pulses (especially soybeans) and eggs. Traditional potato chips contain only starch. Because soy comprises at least half of what goes into our chips, they are a good source of protein and are super tasty too! 

Source of protein


Fibre is extremely important for your metabolism. Eating enough fibre greatly reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves your cholesterol levels. Fibre-rich food includes vegetables and fruit, nuts and pulses. From a legal perspective: if a product contains 3 grams of fibre, you can call it a ‘source of fibre’. Our Raisin Cookie contains 5 grams. If a product contains more than 6 grams of fibre, you can call it ‘rich in fibre’. Our Fruit&Fibre bar contains no less than 12,2 grams of fibre, making it very easy for you to meet the recommended daily allowance of 30 grams for women and 40 grams for men.  

Fibre-rich products


We all know that too much fat is bad for your health. We’ve made sure that our popped chips contain up to 60% less fat than fried chips. Fat is the main culprit in chips: fat that is absorbed in the frying process. Our chips are popped and that makes all the difference.  Check this out: fried chips contain 24% fat, Food2Smile chips have approx. 10%. In addition, the chips are gluten free. This is what we call guilty-free enjoyment and a healthier alternative to fried chips.  

Products with less fat