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Food2Smile is ready to enter the Travel Retail Industry

travel retail awards

Attention to all travellers. Food2Smile is making waves! We are one of the 15 finalists for the one and only consumer-voted awards programme dedicated entirely to the travel retail industry- the Travel Retail Awards. Wow wow wow!

Right between the big names

Our products have been judged by a panel of 2,000 consumers who have travelled internationally in the past six months. They judged 4 of our gummy sweet, our barbecue chips and our apple pie bar. These unrivalled awards discover travellers’ favourite products in different categories. Being a finalist is quote BIG. We are right up there with big brand names like Toblerone, Ritter Sport, Haribo, Lego, William Grant & Sons whiskey and Penfolds wine. To be shortlisted is clearly a signal from the customer that they want to see healthier products when they travel the world.

Tasty and responsible sweets and snacks

Miriam Bouwens, founder of Food2Smile: “To be a finalist makes me extremely proud. Our new Happy Sour is the only sweet on the Dutch market to claim Nutri-Score A. After years of research & development, we have succeeded in making super tasty sweets with considerably less sweetener and extra fibre. Our new popped chips barbecue with less salt also meet the standards of Nutri-Score A. And clearly it meets the tastebuds of the customers otherwise we would not have come this far. Thanks to Elena Bloothoofd of Brands of Style who made our entry for these prestigious awards possible we are ready to rock the boat”.

Food2Smile mission

We want to conquer the whole world with tasty vegan sweets without sugar and delicious snacks with less fat, so that the intake of sugar and fat is significantly reduced. We will continue to rock the traditional sweets and snack market until healthier snacking is the norm.

Winner of the Awards

The winners will be announced on Monday 3 October in Cannes, during the TFWA World Exhibition.

Very exciting! We’ll keep you posted.