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Scoop: candy with Nutri-Score A! Food2Smile is turning the candy shelf over

Sweets have never been SO tasty and SO guilt-free. The new Food2Smile sweets are packed with fibre, contain ZERO sugar and are completely vegan. With this, the ‘Happy Sour’ and ‘Fruit-tastic’ are the only sweets on the Dutch market (really the only ones!) to claim Nutri-Score A. With this Food2Smile is also launching the very first sugar-free sour gummy candy in the Netherlands. You almost wonder whether these sweets belong on the candy shelf… But taste it once and you know: that is 110% correct.

Immediately at the biggest grocery store Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn is wildly enthusiastic, where these new sweet are available in 800 Albert Heijn stores from week 21. Miriam Bouwens, nutritionist and founder of Food2Smile: “It is about time that we started eating and snacking differently. Not next week, not tomorrow, not from the next bag of sweets or snacks. Today.”

A more responsible candy shelf
Miriam: “After years of research & development, we have succeeded in making super tasty sweets with considerably less sweetener and extra fibre. And as far as we know, this new candy is a world first. Since I started Food2Smile in 2015, the call for less sugar and fat has only increased, ans so have the vegan alternatives. With our new sweets, we fulfill that need and basically change the existing sweets shelf. We will continue to change that until sugar-free sweets are the norm.”

Nutri-Score A
The new Food2Smile sweets have been tested and meet the standards of Nutri-Score A. Miriam: “Nutri-Score A is not yet on the packaging. We will only do this once it is officially implemented in the Netherlands and when it is clear to everyone what the score means. At the same time, we are of course very proud that we have the only sweets in the Netherlands that can claim this score.”

Vegan and gluten-free – just like the chips
In addition to being sugar-free, the sweets are vegan, gluten-free and made with natural colors and flavors. Just like the delicious Food2Smile popped chips. Food2Smile has also innovated considerably within the chips category. The new popped chips barbecue has everything you expect from chips in terms of taste, but contain 60% less fat and considerably less salt. Nutri-Score A should could be on the barbecue chips pack – that chips shelf can also be changed intro a more esponsible shelf.

Make an impact
Food2Smile makes an impact in the Netherlands and far beyond. This growth comes from the clear, important mission: to conquer the whole of the Netherlands and the world with sweets without sugar, so that the intake of sugar is significantly reduced. The Dutch currently eat an average of 20 kg of added sugars per person per year (source: Diabetes Fund). A lot of it comes from candy. In the Netherlands, we eat an average of 11 kg (sugar-rich) candy per person every year. Time for change. Now.